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Garage Door Opener

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Garage Door Springs

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Here's a list of helpful information about your garage door maintenance! Check out these answers to common questions regarding garage doors and find out what to do when components don't work properly.

What is wrong with the garage door when its control panel/wall button flashes?

The lock button has been depressed. This button stops the remote controls from working. If you press and hold the lock button for two seconds, this will deactivate the lock button. As explained by the professionals at Garage Door Repair Monroe, the light on the wall button will stop blinking and the remotes will commence working.

Can I fix the corner brackets if they fall out of place?

Corner brackets are connected to the lower right and left corners of your garage door, and are also attached to the cables which open and close the door.  Sometimes, these brackets tend to dislodge from its location due to the high tension brought about by the cables. Contact your local partner is this happens because it can be dangerous to fix it on your own.

Do I need a new track installed when I replace my garage door?

It is usually recommended that you should replace the tracks when you replace your garage door. This is because each model of garage door has specific requirements and has been optimized to work in conjunction with a particular type of track. It can also be a good opportunity to replace a slightly worn track to ensure your system works safely and efficiently. Replacing the track is also usually necessary to validate the warranty of your new garage door.

Are the DIY-grade garage door openers better than the professional-grade ones?

There are homeowners who choose to engage in DIY projects such as installing garage door openers. Yes, this option is less expensive than getting professional-grade openers, but there will be a compromise here. For one, the professional models commonly come with a single-piece rail and this feature makes it possible to install the opener faster. This adds durability as well. Knowing the full features of both professional and DIY grades is the key when deciding what type to get for your garage door.

Why should I get openers with backup batteries?

The system of the backup batteries is only a tiny device installed with the opener in order to prolong its automatic operation in blackouts. Wouldn't it be better to use the garage opener remote in order to gain access than searching for the release cord?

Can I add tension to springs or replace them?

Yes, you can add tension to garage door springs. Of course, this is logical when springs are in good condition otherwise our specialists would recommend their replacement. It will depend on springs, too. For example, galvanized springs will wear sooner every time you add tension, so it's good to consider how old they are.

What is the R-Value for a garage door?

This is an indicator of how good the thermal efficiency of the garage door is. Thus our technicians in Monroe tend to recommend installing products with a higher R-Value because it means that they are able to conserve heat energy and reduce some of the regular heating bills associated with the property.

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